SS Calabria Passenger Ship 1906, Calabria served with Anchor Line between 1901 and 1923, when she was scrapped.



First Name:     Carmine
Last Name:     Iannuzzi
Ethnicity:     Italy, Italian South
Last Place of Residence:     Atripalda, Avellino
Date of Arrival:     Aug 16, 1906
Age at Arrival:  18y    Gender:  M    Marital Status:  S
Ship of Travel:     Calabria
Port of Departure:     Naples
Manifest Line Number:     0012


Carmine Iannuzzi 16 Aug 1906


Google Map of Atripalda, Avellino Italy


The registry hall on Ellis Island.  All the immigrants had to wait here to be allowed into the country

The registry hall on Ellis Island